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Our Phuket

Explore the many attraction and activities in and around Our Phuket

What is there to do on Phuket? Other than the obvious sand and sea, there are plenty of options for families, couples, and friends.

Island Tours

For the quintessential island experience, there are
a number of offshore islands that make for fun daytrips.
There are a few island-hopping options to choose from, but
here are some our top picks.

Family Activities

If you’re looking to spend quality time with the family, check out these activities located
a half-hour from Phuket Old Town that are enjoyed by adults and kids alike.psum

Phuket Markets

Thailand is known for its shopping, and on Phuket it’s no different. Enjoy an evening
stroll around these night markets, and pick up a souvenir, or three, and enjoy a taste of
the local street food.

Phuket Events​

There are a handful of annual events in Phuket, many of them centered around
Phuket Old Town. If you’re on the island on these days, don’t miss the chance to
experience these festivals!

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